Jerusalem Workshop on Software Testing (JeST)

The first Jerusalem Software Testing meeting (JeST)

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Summary of 1st V-JeST - "Let's test something together!" session

The meeting been held on February 27 evening using Skype chat.
The atmosphere was very intimate as the participant number was not high. 

After short introduction and chat, Shmuel introduced us to the Converber, an application that can convert from everything to everything (as long as it makes sense).

We discussed approaches to testing the application, areas of interest to test and risks.
Each of us opened the application, played with it and discussed his ideas with the others: We talked about the application architecture and the different different parts – like the ini file and update mechanism. We explored the application many options and tried to find bugs.

All participants had fun and will definitely be happy to repeat the experience in similar sessions.

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  1. hi, sounds great! please keep us updated with your events so I'll update calendar.


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